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Dissertations (MSc-Biotechnology)

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Information for Master's students in Biotechnology

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The MBP research includes three quarterly progress reports and a final report in lieu of a formal thesis. The final report is modeled after a research article and rivals theses required by other MS in biotechnology programs.

Thesis and successful completion of an oral examination on his or her research and related aspects of biochemistry. Normally, MSc students are expected to participate as full-time students and to maintain full-time status in their laboratories until thesis completion and final defence. Name of the Student Thesis Title Name of the Chairman Akshara, B.

Studies on cell cultures and phyto chemical analysis of Bael (Aegle marmelos (L.) Corr.) Dr. Rajesh, Assistant Professor Archana, R. Engineering insect resistance in tomato using cry2A gene Dr.

V. Udayasuriyan, Professor Chaithra, L.T.

Dissertation Msc Biotechnology

Introgression of multiple disease resistance in rice by marker assisted breeding. Mar 04,  · Research itself means re-searching so if it goes too simple it would be laboratory test.

And there are few easy simple topics such as Ethanol production from few plants or fruits Analyzing polluted water (not as simple as the title looks, as you n.

Advice on Biotechnology career options in India and abroad

The MSc thesis is the single most important piece of work undertaken as part of the MSc and as such the research group should be chosen carefully by the student and. Postgraduate study. York is a great place to carry out a research degree.

The Biology MSc in Industrial Biotechnology. Students conduct a research project in the lab of a supervisor to produce a research thesis.

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An MSc by Research thesis will be narrower in scope than an MPhil thesis, although it should still contain some original work.

Msc biotechnology thesis
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